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Our coaches can help with designing a practice plan to meet your goals. Whether you are looking for something specific, like improving your pitching, or general assistance with overall skill development, we’ve got you covered.

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Raw Grit Summer Peformance

Athletes preparing to play at the College level, along with High School Varsity & Junior Varsity athletes have a dedicated program that offers training to match their drive and commitment to improving this summer.

Goals Results Intent Tenacity

These are some of the words that describe the mentality of successful athletes.
They are also at the core of our Raw GRIT Summer Program.

Athletes in the Raw GRIT Summer Program will have access to 90 minutes of Sports Performance training each day, Monday through Thursday. The training sessions will rotate through different areas of focus, ensuring that we consistently train to build strength, speed, coordination, athleticism, agility, reaction, and resistance to injury. The athletes in the Raw GRIT Summer Program will benefit from training alongside like-minded athletes who are driven to work hard and enjoy the process of improving.

Our popular All-Aspects Summer Camps are back and ready for registration! Be sure to sign up and join the fun! 

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