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Sports Performance Classes

Evening Sports Performance Speed and Agility Classes

Led by Coach Chris Stratis of Champion Sports Performance, these classes help athletes improve their overall athleticism while building the speed, power, and agility that transfer directly to the playing field. Athletes can choose to come 2x per week or opt for unlimited training during classes held Monday through Thursday. Each class emphasizes several important aspects of athleticism, speed, strength, and mobility through varied exercises so that training doesn't feel like just a routine. Athletes will be able to track their progress over time through our combine-like athletic assessments that we use throughout the course of the year to gather helpful metrics for each athlete. These classes have limited openings available, so sign up to secure your spot!

Training Times (Mon-Thurs)

Creating Champions (8-11U)              5:00-6:00pm

Developing Champions (12-14U)     6:00-7:00pm

Training Champions (14-18U)             7:00-8:00pm

 High Performance Throwing                8:00-9:00pm