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Player Performance Programs

High Performance Off-Season Program

Take advantage of the off-season to build speed, strength and ability while improving arm health and increasing velocity and bat speed, this is the program for you.
High Performance Unlimited for High School Players allows players to attend as many as five days per week for $395.00 per month. 
The program runs November through January.
Class times are Mon-Thurs 7:00-9:00pm and Saturdays 10:00-noon
Players can attend unlimited sessions each month.
Performance Plus is a twice per week program for $295.00 per month. 
Class times for Performance Plus are Mon-Thurs 6:00-8:00pm and Saturdays 10:00-noon.  Players can attend any two days per week.
Our aim is to build an athlete first, a baseball player second, and position-specific performance third.
We help players become efficient, strong athletes that refine their skills and execution over time.
To achieve these objectives, athletes need a consistent program that can guide them through the process of improving their athletic abilities and refining their technical skill and mechanics. Our High Performance Player Program puts the athletes on a path for building balanced strength, power, endurance and mobility in the off-season, preparing for baseball-specific movements in the pre-season, continuing to build and maintain strength throughout their competitive seasons with an emphasis on post-game recovery, and intentionally setting aside time to rest, recover, and reflect in the post-season.
This is a year-round road map for athletes and parents to plan and execute their physical and technical development. Athletes in this Program have the plan, programs, facilities, and coaching that they need to improve and grow as an athletic baseball or softball player season after season, year after year. It has shown results for the athletes who bring a desire to improve and willingness to give their effort in pursuit of their goals.
Space is limited to 16 players per class. 

developing Champions Sports Performance Classes

The core of our year-round Sports Performance Training Programs are our afternoon and evening classes. Our classes are 1 hour training sessions, available Monday through Thursday. During the school year, these classes are split by age group. During the summer, since we offer so many alternatives for athletes in each age group, we consolidate down to a single Class session per afternoon.

Our Creating Champions Sports Performance Classes are a great option for athletes who can't make any of the daytime training options but want to continue (or begin!) their pursuit of long term athletic improvement.



These classes are available 6-8pm Monday through Thursday.
Athletes may enroll at different levels, depending on whether they aim to train up to twice per week or want the option to come to 3 or 4 sessions each week.

Sports Performance 2x  $240 per month  (two workouts weekly)


Sports Performance U  $395 per month (Unlimited workouts) 



Class sizes are limited, so don't wait for these groups to fill up! Call Southfork Sports Complex to sign up today! 972-954-1690