GRIT Summer Training Programs 

The GRIT Summer Program consists of both sports performance training  and baseball & softball specific skill & technique training during the months of June and July. Athletes in the combined GRIT program will begin with 90 minutes of sport-specific skill & technique work with Coach Matt Reilly, then train for 90 minutes in the Sports Performance sessions with Coach Chris Stratis. Athletes are given a 30 minute break between the two sessions so that they can refuel and recover. 

The Raw GRIT Summer Program will have access to 90 minutes of Sports Performance training each day, Monday through Thursday. The training sessions will rotate through different areas of focus, ensuring that the athletes consistently train to build strength, speed, coordination, athleticism, agility, reaction, and resistance to injury. The athletes in the Raw GRIT Summer Program will benefit from training alongside like-minded athletes who are driven to work hard and enjoy the process of improving. 

Our popular All-Aspects Summer Camps are back and ready for registration! Be sure to sign up and join the fun! 

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